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Download Trinity and Inculturation: Presentation of: Trinite et Inculturation, Collection, Theologie a l'Universite, Paris, Desclee de Brouwer, 2008, 503p., Bede Ukwuije (623 KB)

Download Book Review: James Walvin. The Trader, The Owner, The Slave: Parallel lives in the Age of Slavery. Reviewed by: Patrick Roe. Patrick Claffey. Christian Churches ill Dahomey-Benin: A Study oftheir Sociopolitical Role. Reviewed by: John D' Arcy May. Jane E. Soothill, Gender, Social Change and Spiritual Power: Charismatic Christianity in Ghana. Reviewed by: Patrick Claffey (752 KB)

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Vol. 20

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Volume 20 — Ecumenical Commitment