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Vol. 30


Volume 30 of The Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology is available for purchase by contacting Dr. Peter Osuji at Duquesne University. After two years, issues are made freely available through the Duquesne Scholarship Collection.

  • Editorial
  • The Future of Catholic Education in Africa: Narrating and Documenting our Own Stories, Stan Chu Ilo
  • Pan Africa Christian University: Revitalization of Christian Witness in Africa, Wilf Hildebrandt
  • Theology and The Future of Societies: The Contribution of the Theology Faculty of the Catholic University of Congo to the Reconstruction of Congo and Africa, Fidèle MABUNDU
  • Contributions of Catholic Theological Institutions to the Transformation of Africa: the Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Josée Ngalula
  • Nigeria Certificate in Religious Education Curricula and the Search for Peaceful Co-Existence Among Christians and Muslims, Ilesanmi Ajibola
  • In the Throes of Denominational Rivalry: The Failed Bid to Establish a Catholic University of Nigeria, 1954 - 1956, Nicholas Ibeawuchi Omenka
  • Encounters Through Spirit-Led Imagination: Spiritan Mission and Educational Dimensions, Maureen R. O'Brien
  • Revitalizing and Restructuring Human Societies Through Christian Tertiary Education: The Project of Spiritan University Nneochi (Sun), Bede Ukwuije
  • Book Reviews

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Volume 30 — Christian Tertiary Institutions in Africa Fostering the Reinvention and Revitalization of Peoples & Cultures