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Download When Will There Be a United States of Africa? Stepping-stone Toward an African Renaissance in the Age of Globalization, Augustin Ramazani Bishwende (1.9 MB)

Download Islamic Law in Zamfara State of Nigeria: Success or Failure, Yushau Sodiq (2.1 MB)

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Download The Universal Church and a Wider Notion of the Domestic Church: Approaching Ecumenism from the African Extended Family System, Ignatius M. C. Obinwa (2.1 MB)

Download Review Article: Clifton Clarke, African Christology: Jesus in Post-Missionary African Christianity.David Tonghou Ngong, The Holy Spirit and Salvation in African Christian Theology: Imagining a More Hopeful Future for Africa. Caroline N. Mbonu, Handmaid: The Power ofNames in Theology and Society. Reviewed by: Elochukwu Uzukwu, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. (1.0 MB)

Download Book Review: Joe Egan. From Misery to Hope: Encountering God in the Abyss of Suffering (Studies in Theology, Society and Culture).Reviewer: Elochukwu Uzukwu (340 KB)

Download Book Review: Roman A. Melnyk. Vatican Diplomacy at the United Nations: A History of Catholic Global Engagement. Reviewer: Fr. Oliver Iwuchukwu Spiritan School of Philosophy, Isienu, Nsukka, Nigeria (354 KB)

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Vol. 23

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Volume 23 — Africa: Fifty Years of Independence: Religion, Unity, Theology & Reinventing Africa Volume 23