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Vol. 31


Volume 31 of The Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology is available for purchase by contacting Dr. Peter Osuji at Duquesne University. After two years, issues are made freely available through the Duquesne Scholarship Collection.

  • Editorial
  • Integration of Migrant Children in the Ventilla-Madrid Quarter: Feeling of Belonging and Identification of the So-Called Second Generation of Migrants, Emile Agbede
  • Where Hands Don’t Touch: A Biosocial Ethical Analysis of the Ebola Outbreak and Medical Intervention in West Africa, Stan Chu Ilo
  • The Civilization of Communion: Theological Paradigms for African Migration, Idara Otu & Raymond Aina
  • Matthew 25: 35—Crossroads Encounter of African Peoples on the Move, Caroline N. Mbonu
  • The Flight Imperative: a Reading of Matthew 10:23 in Light of the Islamic Doctrine of Hijra, Nougoutna Norbert Litoing
  • Lights on the Ways of Hope: Pope Francis' Teaching on Migrants, Refugees and Human Trafficking, George S. Worgul
  • Human Trafficking and Prostitution Among Women and Girls of Edo State in Nigeria: Possibility of Rehabilitation through Education and Prevention, Mary Dorothy Ezeh
  • Book Reviews

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Volume 31 — Migration, Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery: Challenges to Society, Religions and Christian Theology