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November 1974, No. 49

  • News from Rome:
    • Holy See: Establishment of new Diocese in Gabon --(p.1)
    • The Generalate: The Superior General in Ghana --(p.1-2)
    • Synod Secretariat Council --(p.2)
    • Two new Commissions --(p.2)
    • Towards the Jubilee --(p.2-3)
    • International Centre for Missionary Animation --(p.3)
    • New Superiors General --(p.3)
  • Provinces and Districts: Cameroons, Nigeria, Angola, East Africa, Kenya , Ethiopia, Madagascar, Latin America, France, Belgium --(p.3-9)
  • Varia:
    • Missionaries and local Clergy --(p.9-10)
    • African Traditional Religions --(p.10-11)
    • Principal Centres for supplementary Higher Training in Africa --(p.11-12)
  • Our Dead --(p.12)