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April 1975, No. 53

  • The Holy Year and Social Communications --(p.1-2)
  • Beatifications --(p.2)
  • Cardinal ROSSI's Visit to Africa --(p.2-3)
  • SECAM Assembly --(p.3)
  • Pentecostal Congress --(p.3-4)
  • Germany: The History of the Congregation --(p.4)
  • U.S.A.: The Houston Seminary --(p.5)
  • Liberia: The Interdiocesan Seminary --(p.5)
  • Congo: Efforts to Cope with a New Situation --(p.6)
  • East Africa: The Spiritan Foundation --(p.6-7)
  • Angola: To Go or Stay? --(p.7-8)
  • Reunion: Bishop GUIBERT's Silver Jubilee --(p.8)
  • Mauritius: In the Wake of Cyclone Gervaise --(p.8-9)
  • Guiana: Racism in the Churches and Schools? --(p. 9)
  • Islam: Mission and/or Dialogue? --(p.9-10)
  • South Africa: Protest by the Bishops --(p.10)
  • Belgium: Missiology Week in Louvain --(p.12)
  • Statistics for Catholics and Priests in Africa --(p.11-12)
  • Madagascar: Suspension of "Lumiere" --(p. 12)
  • Our Dead --(p. 12)