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May 1975, No. 54

  • Decisions of the Holy See --(p.1)
  • Assembly of Episcopal Commissions for the Missions --(p.2-3)
  • Meeting of Rectors of Senior Seminaries in Missions --(p.3-4)
  • Meeting of the CIPU Council --(p.4)
  • Spain: Ordinations and departures for the missions --(p.4)
  • Senegal: In the service of the Catholic Press --(p.5)
  • Togo:
    • Meeting of the permanent Council of the Episcopal Conference --(p.5)
    • Training for Christian community --(p.5-6)
  • Nigeria: Symposium on Christianity in Africa --(p.6)
  • Cameroons and the Congo: Honours List --(p.7)
  • South Africa: A look at the present and the future --(p.7-8)
  • Kenya: Spiritan Missionary Personnel --(p.8)
  • Ethiopia: Work being done by Spiritan Teams --(p.8-9)
  • United States: Missionary cooperation --(p.9)
  • Concerning Small Communities --(p.9-10)
  • England: Missionary Institute London --(p.10)
  • Holland: Aid for Missionaries --(p.10-11)
  • U.N.O.: Industrialization of the Third World --(p.11-12)
  • The Pope's address to the Jesuits - and all religious --(p.12)
  • Our Dead --(p.12)