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June 1975, No. 55

  • Angola in its hour of decision --(p.1-4)
  • France: Spiritan Congress - DIAM Assembly --(p.4)
  • Portugal: LIAM Pilgrimage to Fatima --(p.4-5)
  • Senegal: In the Prefecture of Tambacounda --(p.5-6)
  • The Gambia: Seminar in Theology --(p.6)
  • Sierra Leone: In the diocese of Kenema --(p.7)
  • U.S. East: Address of the Provincialate --(p.7)
  • Toronto: The Spiritan Mission Institute --(p.7-8)
  • Brazil: Eucharistic Congress in Tefé --(p.8-9)
  • Africa: The permanent Diaconate --(p.9)
  • Nigeria: “La Voix de l’Afrique” --(p.9)
  • Chad: The end of the persecution --(p.9-10)
  • Zambia: A concrete example of ecumenism --(p.10)
  • Kenya: Three Assemblies in Nairobi --(p.10-11)
  • Annual General Meeting of PMAS --(p.11-12)
  • ICRA World Conference --(p.12)
  • Our Dead --(p.12)