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July 1975, No. 56

  • The Generalate --(p.1-2)
  • France: Brothers' Retreat and Centenary at Allex --(p.2-3)
  • Auteuil: Appointment and Honours --(p.3)
  • Ireland: Provincial Assembly --(p.3)
  • Portugal: Provincials' General Assembly --(p.4)
  • Angola: Towards a new Province --(p.4-5)
  • Senegal: Mgr. SAGNA is consecrated Bishop --(p.5-6)
  • Cameroon: African Holy Year Day --(p.6)
  • Congo: Death of the oldest member of the Religious --(p.6)
  • Zaire:
    • Assembly of superiors of Religious Institutes --(p.7)
    • Declaration by the Bishop of Kindu --(p.7-8)
    • Theological Faculty to become independent --(p.8)
  • South Africa: Meeting of Bishops --(p.8-9)
  • Zambia: The Church in Zambia --(p.9)
  • East Africa: The Seminaries --(p.9-10)
  • Canda: Provincial Chapter --(p.10)
  • West Indies: In the Caribbean Church --(p.10)
  • Death of the Cardinal Prefect of Religious --(p.10-11)
  • Meeting of Superiors General --(p.11)
  • International Missiology Congress --(p.11-12)
  • International Missiology Congress --(p.11-12)
  • The SCEP Missionary Library --(p.12)
  • 45th International Missiology Week --(p.12)
  • Our Dead --(p.12)