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Kurt H. Decker


In 1977, the Duquesne Law Review published an article by the author entitled "The PLRB's New Jurisdiction for Police and Firemen," 16 Duquesne L Rev 185 (1977-78). That article predicted how the Police and Firemen Collective Bargaining Act (Act 111) would evolve after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's Decision in Philadelphia Fire Officers' Assn. v PLRB, 470 Pa 550, 369 A2d 259 (1977). Since that article's publication, much of what was suggested has occurred. This article revisits the Fire Officers' decision along with how Act 111 has progressed into a common law collective bargaining statute. It suggests a legislative solution to these problems, which may be more feasible now in light of almost 25 years of police and fire collective bargaining experience.

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