Duquesne Law Review


Joseph Jr. Pass


From the line of labor decisions beginning with the Cordwainers Case to the most recent ones, one discernible fact is that the effort of labor unions to achieve a power balance with management has been extensive. And, at every step toward this ideal, the unions have been met with opposition by management. While some students of labor law feel that unions have now seen the scales tipped in their favor, others would disagree.

This comment explores one of the most recent conflicts between labor and management. It concerns the National Labor Relation Board's legal justification for requiring management to turn over to the union the names and addresses of all employees eligible to vote prior to Board conducted elections. Specifically, the comment analyzes and evaluates the recent decisions of the Board in the Excelsior Underwear, Inc. case and the General Electric Co. case in the light of past Supreme Court decisions, Board policies, and other pertinent material in this area.

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