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The privilege of being a federal circuit judge allows, and indeed obliges, a judge to bring scrutiny and truth to the disputes she considers. Certainly, a judge's determination of what is truth is most clearly and effectively communicated by the judge's own telling of how she arrived at that truth. So Judge Posner's advocacy for judges writing their own opinions makes good sense. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any judge taking the other side of that argument. I certainly will not do that here. But if I am obliged to tell the truth, I must confess that I do not write all of my opinions, not even a majority of them. I will write this, however, because opinion writing is an important part of the administration of justice by the courts. And I hope to add to the conversation by describing the work of the U.S. circuit court of which I became a part in 2010, and how this court has come to manage the enormous workload that has been entrusted to it. Doing so, I hope, will help put this subject in a meaningful, broader context.

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