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Graduation Date

Summer 8-13-2022

Submission Type

DNP Manuscript

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program


School of Nursing

Faculty Mentor

Frank Kosnosky


Promotoras, Your Heart, Your Life, Hispanic, Cardiovascular, community education, Diabetes


Hispanic community members face unique challenges related to language barriers, culture, access to care, and trust in healthcare providers. Hispanic community members have a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Hispanic males were most likely to die of cardiovascular disease in 2017 (CDC, n.d.a), and for females, death from cardiovascular disease was only second to cancer (CDC, n.d.b.). Hispanics are 70% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than non-Hispanics (Office of Minority Health, nd.) Promotoras are trusted members of the Hispanic community who can assist healthcare providers in providing disease prevention education and self-management skills to community members. A program designed specifically for the Hispanic community recognizes the unique attributes and needs of the Hispanic community. Through dedicated Promotoras, a program designed specifically for the Hispanic community hopes to increase self-management and prevention skills of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The project aimed to evaluate if a cardiovascular disease education program provided to the Hispanic community of Washington County taught by Promotoras will increase participant knowledge of cardiovascular diseases and improve self-management skills.



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