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Summer 8-5-2023

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DNP Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program


School of Nursing

Faculty Mentor

Frank Kosnosky


nursing turnover, nursing retention, new graduate nurse, nursing student, pregraduate nurse, clnical experience


Background and Significance: The registered nurse is an essential component of the healthcare team. Successful efforts have occurred worldwide for recruitment to the nursing profession. However, vacancy plagues the nursing profession through turnover, with the new graduate registered nurse remaining the most vulnerable with the highest rate of turnover. This program evaluation will review one organization’s retention project to support the senior nursing student with a paid clinical internship, and additional support through the vulnerable first year of practice within the chosen care setting. Methods: This summative program evaluation will utilize a systems-oriented approach and quasi-experimental methodology with quantitative data to evaluate the New Graduate Registered Nurse (NGRN) retention relating to the paid internship experiences. In the descriptive, mixed methods survey, included are the responses of the Casey Fink Graduate Nursing Experience, a de-identified survey that assesses nursing residents through their first-year experience. Results: The program evaluation demonstrates the positive experience of the NGRN through surveyed results. Also, the residents who participated in the internship program, which included additional clinical time within their desired department, had an 89.38% retention rate. Comparatively, those residents without the internship were at a 59.77% retention rate. Conclusion: Innovative contributions to nursing practice will elevate nursing. Inspired leadership along with academic partnership are necessary to provide excellence of care and improve retention. The paid clinical opportunities have proven results that are beneficial to the organization and the nurse.



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