Personality disorders, including borderline and antisocial, are mental disorders that influence the thoughts and behaviors of affected individuals. There is currently a lack of studies in the relationship between these individuals and crime rates, though it is often found criminal offenders have said disorders. These disorders can be traced down to neurological and biochemical dimensions, including disruptions in brain function and chemical levels. These disorders can also be developed from childhood abuse or other disruptions in adolescent development. Though all personality disorders are developed similarly, the differences in presentation affect the type of crime committed and specific crime scene behaviors. The purpose of this study is to examine different factors correlating to personality disorders and determine the causation of crime by these personality disorders, if any. These studies can be used to predict crime under the condition of having a personality disorder and narrow down suspects. The relationship between the condition and crime will be explored for both correlation and causation. Future research can be done to predict and halt related crimes committed due to the influence of a personality disorder.

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