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Spring 1-1-2017


One-year Embargo

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Health Care Ethics


McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

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Henk ten Have

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Gerald Magill

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Joris Gielen


An Ethical Argument, End of Life Care, Health Care Ethics, Nigeria, Palliative Care, Specific Model of Palliative care for Nigeria


The need for palliative care in Nigeria is huge. But Nigeria has minimal palliative care activity that does not correspond to the great palliative care needs in the country. The great needs are heightened by poverty and poverty induced conditions. However, Nigeria has untapped sociocultural values that can boast palliative care in the country. Such values can be activated and constructively integrated in the practice of palliative care in Nigeria.

This project looks back to what palliative care has been in history and in developed nations to argue for a constructive and positive manner palliative care can evolve in Nigeria to address the peculiar situation of poverty and poverty induced conditions that make palliative care patients in Nigeria vulnerable. The capacities of palliative care as found in its history and its modern practice favor the integration of sociocultural values and other favorable structures on ground that can boast palliative care in Nigeria. This will ensure that palliative care maintains its core meaning while integrating and injecting structures and values that are meaningful to palliative care patients in Nigeria.

The specific model of palliative care in Nigeria as argued in this project, is designed to mobilize all affordable resources in a strategy that will ensure holistic care for the sick while at the same time attend to how they live not just how they die. The model also allows for easy access of care as it is designed to penetrate hard-to-reach communities of the country and to deliver care in any setting- rural or urban, in hospitals, palliative care units, or residential care homes.