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Spring 5-8-2020


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McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

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Gerald Boodoo

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Sebastian Madathummuriyil


Theology of Place, Kerala, Agrarian consciousness, globalization, environmental ethics, indigenous theology, Food, sustainable agriculture


Globalization has a great impact on present-day society. Everything and everyone relates to each other based on market value. The commodification of agriculture and food has led the world into a situation where one lacks intimacy and bond in the relationship. The impact of globalization has influenced the present Kerala community. The monocultural systems of globalization have influenced the community which has led the Kerala society into a commodified society. The commodification of agriculture and food has influenced the patterns of relationships in the Kerala society, especially in their ecological, human, and spiritual relationship.

God did not create a world that is uniform and monocultural. The universe that God created is diverse and multicultural. However, a person who is born and brought up in a particular place and culture can experience God in its fullness in that place and culture in its unique diversity. The agrarian consciousness which was central to the social, religious, cultural, spiritual, and psychological life of Kerala society is declining. However, it is essential to re-envision the agrarian consciousness in Kerala society that can help to develop a theology based on the indigenous epistemologies and practices of the region and thereby help to support a society based on an agrarian living eco-system.

Through this thesis, I try to focus on the importance of regaining the lost values of the agrarian eco-system of Kerala where they valued life in the living organism and related to everyone and everything with love. It is an attempt to delink the principles of monoculture and commercialized consciousness of Kerala society and to relink to the agrarian consciousness where they understand life in its particularity and fullness. The globalized monoculture commodifies human beings and places whereas the agrarian consciousness respects and interacts with other human beings and places. I am critically evaluating the globalized monoculture which is the dominant culture of the present world by making a cross-evaluation of the global culture and local culture.