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Summer 8-8-2020


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Counseling, Psychology, & Special Education


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Kara E. McGoey

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Susan M. Rattan

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Elizabeth McCallum

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Kristen F. Schaffner


TCIT, Teacher-Child Interaction Training, PCIT, Parent-Child Interaction Training, Early Childhood, Disruptive Behaviors, Early Education, Early Intervention


Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) is an adaption of the evidenced-based treatment of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). The TCIT intervention is used with students, typically in a preschool setting, who are exhibiting disruptive behaviors within the classroom. Teacher-Child Interaction Training improves the teacher-child relationship, while also training teachers to use effective and consistent consequence strategies. The large research base behind PCIT and the growing empirical base for TCIT provides evidence that this model would be an effective early intervention treatment for young children exhibiting disruptive behaviors in their school settings.

The success of Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) with the general preschool population utilizing a three-tiered model approach, was examined through a single subject nonconcurrent multiple baseline design across participants. The current study investigated the impact of TCIT on child behavior, the teacher-student relationship, and the likability and feasibility of TCIT according to teachers. Results suggest that TCIT is effective in reducing disruptive behaviors within the classroom setting, as indicated by behavioral observation and teacher report. Additionally, the relationship between teacher and student was also examined before and during the TCIT intervention. Results indicate that the TCIT intervention is effective in improving the teacher-student relationship as well as increasing teacher-skill use, when interacting with their students. Lastly, this study shows that the TCIT intervention is accepted and feasible to use by teachers.

This study shows evidence that Teacher-Child Interaction Training is effective in reducing problematic behaviors within a general preschool setting as well as improving the teacher-student relationship, particularly through a three-tiered model approach.