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Fall 12-18-2020


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Counseling, Psychology, & Special Education


School of Education

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Ann Huang, Ph.D.

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Gibbs Y. Kanyongo, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Waganesh A. Zeleke, Ed.D, LCPC, NCC


Attitude, Twice exceptionality, Gifted Students with SLD, Perspective, Inclusion, Teachers, Specific Learning Disabilities


The purpose of this study was to examine teachers’ perspectives of gifted students with SLD in Saudi Arabia. Specifically, this study aimed at examining the relationships between teachers’ perspectives and background factors, including years of teaching experience and gender, that might affect the teachers’ perspectives. In addition, it investigated the teachers’ perspectives about the existence, identification, and education of gifted students with SLD in different regions in Saudi Arabia. This study used statistical analysis of quantitative data collected from an online survey that was adopted and modified specifically for this study. The study participants included 936 teachers with various backgrounds working in different grade levels in schools in Saudi Arabia. The results of this study indicated that teachers in Saudi Arabia, in general, had positive perspectives regarding the existence, identification, and education of gifted students with SLD. They also revealed that there were no significant differences among teachers’ perspectives in Saudi Arabia based on their years of teaching experience nor gender. It was notable that the majority of participants were general education teachers, and around 59% were female. About 50% of participants have not taught students with SLD and about 41% have not taught gifted students. The results of this study should provide a better understanding of teachers’ perspectives about gifted students with SLD in Saudi Arabia, which may lead to more attention to their unique needs and create more supportive learning environments in the future.