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Fall 12-18-2020


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Instructional Technology (EdDIT)


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Joseph Kush

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David Carbonara

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Dorothy Bassett


Universal Design for Learning, Center for Teaching Excellence, Faculty development, Inclusive teaching practices, Accommodations, Pedagogy, Universal Design of Instruction, Universal Instructional Design, Universal Design for Assessment, Universal Design


The research examined factors related to support for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in faculty professional development training programs offered by Centers for Teaching Excellence (CTE) in postsecondary institutions. The factors examined were: administrative support, staffing for CTEs, CTE staff characteristics, CTE level of use of technology, CTE directors’ educational backgrounds, and the espoused support for students with disabilities in university mission statements.

Universal Design for Learning is a pedagogical framework that can be used to design and retrofit curricula to reduce access barriers to course content and activities for all students, particularly students with disabilities. Students with disabilities is a growing population in postsecondary institutions.

The research focused on Centers for Teaching Excellence because these departments are the primary means for postsecondary faculty to gain professional development knowledge and skills. The directors of CTEs are influential in determining the faculty training and support offered by the centers under their control. The directors of CTEs comprised the sample.

An online survey was used to collect the data. The research findings presented in this dissertation include descriptive statistics on: postsecondary institutions, Centers for Teaching Excellence, and CTE directors’ demographics. Statistical analyses were conducted to evaluate each of the research hypotheses. Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVAs and t-tests. The research suggests the need to augment postsecondary faculty professional development programs with Universal Design for Learning content.



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