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Winter 12-18-2020


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Joan Such Lockhart

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Linda M. Goodfellow

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Michelle Mollica

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James B. Schreiber


nurse-patient relationship, oncology trust in the nurse, patient-centered care, port, totally implantable vascular access device, vascular access


Objective: The purpose of this study was to obtain an understanding of nurse behaviors that promote trust and quality nursing care as perceived by oncology patients with totally implantable vascular access devices (TIVAD).

Methods: An explanatory sequential mixed-method design was used to answer the study questions. This design was comprised of two phases: 1) a quantitative online survey of oncology patients with TIVADs followed by; 2) qualitative interviews using purposively selected patients from the survey sample.

Results: Trust in the nurse and perceived quality of nursing care by patients with TIVADs were determined to be of average levels. Two qualitative themes were identified as reflecting patient-centered nurse behaviors that facilitate patient-nurse trust and perceived level of quality nursing care: (1) nurse attributes that facilitate patient trust in the nurse; and (2) patient perceptions of quality nursing care.

Conclusion: Study findings suggest the importance of combining psychomotor and communication skills to facilitate the level of patient trust in the nurse and perceptions of quality nursing care when nurses access and care for TIVADs. The qualitative narratives provided detailed insight beyond the current theoretical concepts of trust in the nurse as reported in current literature and will enrich the current practice of nurses by providing a basis to pursue and implement individualized care practices for oncology patients.



Additional Citations

Rajcan, L., Lockhart, J. S., & Goodfellow, L. (2020). Generating oncology patient trust in the nurse: An integrative review. Western Journal of Nursing Research. Advance online publication June 4, 2020.

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