Defense Date


Graduation Date

Fall 12-18-2020


One-year Embargo

Submission Type



Health Care Ethics

Committee Chair

Dr.Gerard Magill


The thesis of this dissertation focuses on the Ethical Challenge for HIPAA’s Privacy Rule in the Genomics Era of Data Analytics. Data Analytics in Genomic Medicine challenges the individuals’ right to privacy. Hence, a balance is needed between the previous centrality of individual privacy and the need for population information to make breakthroughs in Genomic Medicine using Data Analytics. Such a problem demands regulatory solutions. And such solutions require the collaboration of professionals. Genomic Medicine is a field that deals with sensitive genetic information in both medicine, and research, it is essential to view it through HIPAA as it is not explicitly engaged there. When it comes to Genomic Medicine and Genomic Research, the sharing and the availability of genetic data for researchers need to be accessible across populations. Hence it must be protected by a rule that can be shared across geographical boarder that would ensure the privacy of the genomic data.



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