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Summer 8-7-2021


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Counseling, Psychology, & Special Education


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Temple Lovelace

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Ann Huang

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Susan Rattan


Special Education, Autism, Reading Fluency, Video Self-Modeling, Phrase Drill.


As the incidence rate of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Saudi Arabia appears to increase, the need for evidence-based reading interventions that focus on the reading development of students with ASD increases. Reading fluency has been identified as a critical component of reading development and has been consistently linked with reading proficiency. Interventions to promote reading fluency in schools in Saudi Arabia have focused on promoting the literacy attainment of typically developed students, disregarding students with disabilities. In this study, a treatment package of video-self modeling and phrase drill has been used to improve the students reading fluency skills. This study used a single-subject multiple baseline design across participants to investigate the effectiveness of the treatment package on the reading fluency skills of students with ASD. Four students with ASD had been selected and received the treatment package of video-self modeling and phrase drill. Results supported an improvement in the reading fluency skills of the four participants with ASD as evidenced by an increase in the correct words per minute (CWPM) read and a decrease in errors per minute (EPM). With the combination of the video-self modeling and phrase drill method, there was a significant increase in CWPM in all four participants with a moderate to large effect size and a significant decrease in EPM in all four participants with a large effect size. This study provides preliminary evidence of the usefulness of the treatment package in improving the reading fluency skills in students with ASD.