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Spring 5-14-2022


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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Education Leaders (IDPEL)


School of Education

Committee Chair

Rick McCown

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Lilliana Castrellón

Committee Member

Audra Watson


Black White Biracial, binary logic, hypodescent, racial identity, identity denial, biracial, microaggressions, horizontal hostilities


This qualitative dissertation explores the dissonance between critical race theory and culturally relevant pedagogical practices in the context of non-binary identity formation and identity denial for Black White Biracial (BWBR) individuals. This positioned subject study examines stories of five adult female members of this population. Utilizing Bell’s Storytelling for Social Justice Model (2020) the study reveals the stock, concealed, resistance and, emerging/transforming stories of participants as they recall experiences with monoracially instigated microaggressions and horizontal hostilities. The model provides analytic themes to examine the dissonance. The following questions will be explored:

Primary Question: What socio/cultural interactions influence BWBR racial identity choices in educational settings?

Secondary Question: What stories might BWBR people share about educational experiences with monoracially instigated microaggressions or horizontal hostility?

This study utilizes a positioned subject approach that uses the models for storytelling within a community to provide an understanding of recollected experiences. The data are analyzed against the theoretical lens and themes that challenge and question the presence of practices and behaviors that deny identity in the context of an environment of learning that is assumed to be inclusive.