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Summer 8-5-2023


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Counseling, Psychology, & Special Education


School of Education

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Bridget Green, Ph.D.

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Reva Mathieu-Sher, Ed.D., BCBA

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Elizabeth McCallum, Ph.D.


Reading skills, repeated reading, reading fluency, reading intervention, children with autism, ASD


The prevalence rate of learners with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has risen concurrently with their inclusion into public schools in Saudi Arabia. Being in schools, they face academic challenges, particularly in reading. This increased rate evokes the importance of implementing valuable strategies to keep up the academic skills of those students. These students require Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs), which have been demonstrated crucial for their reading development. Nevertheless, limited research has been done on examining the efficacy of EBPs used to enhance the reading skills of learners with ASD, especially their Oral Reading Fluency (ORF). This study used an effective approach to enhance ORF in ASD students. Repeated Reading (RR) intervention involves learners rereading the passage until they attain a specific level of ORF. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the effectiveness of RR intervention in improving ORF among learners with ASD in Saudi Arabia. Three students diagnosed with ASD participated in this study in Saudi elementary public schools using a single-subject design, multiple baselines across participants, to determine the efficiency of RR instruction on ORF. The results of this study were positive in improving ORF by increasing the correct words and decreasing the errors as the past studies mentioned. The intervention maintained ORF's impact over time after the intervention was removed.