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Summer 8-5-2023


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Educational Studies (General Education)


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Amy M. Olson

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Rick McCown

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Liliana E. Castrellon


school culture, teacher burnout, time, administration


The purpose of this qualitative study was to promote a positive school culture in a Title I school by listening to veteran teachers’ voices about the policies and practices being implemented daily. The primary research question guiding this case study was: What are the perceptions of teachers, who have been in their position for 15+ years, about school culture in a Title I school? The secondary research question guiding this study was: What changes in policies and practices in a Title I school do veteran teachers suggest might improve school culture? Participants were purposefully sampled and included four classroom teachers in grades 4-8 who are currently on the formal teacher evaluation process, teach a state-tested content area, and have worked in the building for a minimum of 15 years. The data were collected through a writing prompt in which each teacher was asked to outline their typical day. Once teachers submitted their responses, semi-structured interviews were conducted. The qualitative analytic process was cyclical, and the data were initially coded utilizing open coding. Three themes emerged from the collected data: the mismatch between time and responsibilities, the mismatch between district policy and school procedures, and teacher burnout. The findings of this study indicate potential areas of improvement for the school.