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Summer 8-13-2022


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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jennifer A. Aitken

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Michael Van Stipdonk

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Aaron Bloomfield

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Thomas Albrecht-Schoenzart


quaternary, sulfides, noncentrosymmetric, diamond-like, nonlinear optical materials, crystal structure


In this work, several new quaternary sulfides were synthesized and investigated for their potential applications in optics. Chapter 1 provides an overview of nonlinear optical (NLO) materials in general, including their applications, ideal characteristics, current deficiencies, and strategies for the discovery of new candidate NLO materials, particularly those for use in the infrared (IR). Two families of compounds are investigated in this work, including Ln3LiTS7 (3-1-1-7) compounds and I4-II-IV2-VI7 (4-1-2-7) diamond-like semiconductors (DLSs). All products were synthesized via traditional high-temperature, solid-state synthesis and their structures were solved and refined through single crystal X-ray diffraction. Chapter 2 focuses on the rare-earth-containing 3-1-1-7 compounds, including nine previously unreported and nine further characterized compounds. Following the general formula of Ln3LiTS7 where Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy and T = Si, Ge, Sn, a systematic study of homovalently substituted compounds was carried out. Chapter 3 reports the synthesis and crystal structures of two new Cu-containing 4-1-2-7 DLSs, Cu4FeGe2S7 and Cu4CoGe2S7. Chapter 4 focuses on a novel Li-containing 4-1-2-7 DLS, Li4CdGe2S7. This compound, derived from the hexagonal form of diamond, crystallizes in the Cc space group with the Cu5Si2S7 structure type.