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Fall 12-2023


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Instructional Technology (EdDIT)


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Fran Serenka

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Tara Abbott

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Carla Meyer


This study aims to investigate the level of self-efficacy amongst instructors regarding the various components of the TPACK model in their teaching within Saudi Arabia. TPACK represents a viable nexus between technology and educational content, creating successful educational technology integration. Existing research demonstrates a need to study TPACK further in the context of instructors’ level of self-efficacy in the components of the TPACK model (Lee and Kim, 2017). However, this dissertation will investigate instructors’ level of self-efficacy towards utilizing technology in their classrooms. In doing so, the study will adopt a quantitative approach using a survey to gain insights into instructors’ self-efficacy. This study is significant because TPACK is a critical part of the Saudi Arabian education system. Instructor’s level of self-efficacy is essential as they shape not only the future of educational delivery, but also the future of each learner. Moreover, the growing implementation of TPACK in universities in Saudi Arabia is exclusively dependent upon the instructors’ performance with this model.

The findings revealed that instructors demonstrated high levels of self-efficacy across all components of TPACK. They also exhibited confidence in using technology to enrich content, support student inquiry, and organize teaching and student learning. However, there were some areas where participants indicated a lack of self-efficacy or uncertainty. The research recommends that educational institutions support instructors through mentoring programs, collaborative learning communities, and peer observations (Marx, 2005).



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