Daryl Georger

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Graduation Date

Summer 2011


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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Education Leaders (IDPEL)


School of Education

Committee Chair

Thomas F. Staszewski

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Gary Brown

Committee Member

Gilbert Jacobs

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Patrick Kelly


Adjunct, Assessment, Evaluations, Faculty


Over the past most recent decades, one of the most significant changes in post secondary education is the dramatic increase in the use of adjunct/part-time faculty members. As there are many potential advantages in the use of adjunct/part-time faculty there are also many possible concerns and disadvantages in the use of adjunct/part-time faculty. In order to balance the use of adjunct/part-time faculty and attempt to fully realize the advantages in using adjunct/part-time faculty while minimizing the disadvantages, it is important to determine what areas of university/college teaching are assessed by students differently between adjunct/part-time faculty and full time faculty instruction. The purpose of this study was to examine and compare Hospitality Management student's course assessment summary surveys of courses taught by adjunct/part-time faculty and full time faculty at a private four-year post secondary institution. The assessment instrument used in this research was the Student Instructional Report II assessment survey/summary developed and tested by the Education Testing Service. This instrument, first developed in 1972, and revised in the mid 1990's, assesses post secondary faculty in the areas of course organization/planning, communication, faculty/student interaction, assignments, exams/grading, supplementary instructional methods, course outcomes, student effort/involvement, course difficulty, workload/pace, and overall evaluation. Survey summaries were collected from 48 courses taught by adjunct/part-time faculty and 48 classes taught by full time faculty members. All classes were attended by Hospitality Management students. Means were compared for differences in the areas of university/college teaching and tested for significance. It is hoped that this research will identify possible areas of improvement in university/college teaching needed to be addressed by adjunct/part-time faculty members as assessed by Hospitality Management students. With this research, adjunct/part-time faculty members can adjust teaching methods or techniques which may increase student satisfaction while the college/university can realize the advantages in the use of part-time/adjunct faculty.