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Summer 2009


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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Education Leaders (IDPEL)


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Carol Parke

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Connie M. Moss

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Stefan Biancaniello

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John M. Meighan


4Sight Benchmark Assessments, PSSA, Assessments, Student Achievement


Since 4Sight Benchmark Assessments are being promoted by politicians and educational departments throughout many states, this study was needed to determine the correlation between students' scaled scores on 4Sight and state standardized tests (PSSA). This study also uncovered teachers' perceptions of 4Sight and the extent that they used 4Sight data to modify classroom instruction.

In summary this research discovered a strong correlation between 4Sight and the PSSAs. There were significant statistical results that supported a connection between the scaled scores on 4Sight Benchmark Assessments and student scaled scores on the PSSA for this rural school district. Even though the results for seventh grade were much different from eighth grade, the 4Sight Benchmark Assessments were a much stronger predictor of PSSA math scores in seventh grade compared to the eighth grade math scores. Ultimately, the results of this study support the use of both PSSA scaled scores and 4Sight Benchmark Assessments scaled scores to determine the assessed levels of the students and to help the teachers make more informed decisions concerning classroom instruction.

Based on the results from the teacher interviews, teachers generally tended to use tools like data analysis in their classroom if they felt comfortable, confident, and had a sense of reassurance that the tool directly impacted student achievement in a positive manner. Once the teachers developed a sense of assurance when working with student data, interpreting the results, and developing classroom activities that addressed students' weak skills, teachers tended to support the use of 4Sight data analysis in their classrooms.