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Fall 2004


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Instructional Leadership Excellence (ILEAD)


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Gary Shank

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Nelson Harrison

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William Switala


Community Education, jazz in the community, music/arts


The purpose of this research study is to examine the growth and development of the long-term community based Jazz Workshop Inc. program. Within the context of examining the Jazz Workshop Inc. program, the impact of the program on its participants will also be explored. The Jazz Workshop Inc. program is located in Homewood in the City of Pittsburgh. The study utilized interviews and focus groups, which were recorded (audio and video) under consent of all parties. This study uses a qualitative design for the analysis of data gathered from 1) interviews with the Director, 2) several of the music instructors, 3) the head manager of the Homewood Carnegie library branch and; 4) the principal of Westinghouse High school. Results are also reported from the focus groups of parents of the younger participants, current adult participants, and former adult participants. The Jazz workshop Inc. program documents were also examined as well as information on the historical background of the workshop, success stories, and accounts of how the program continues to offer the community a service over its many years in operation. The results of the study indicated that the growth and development of the workshop over its thirty plus years of providing a service to the community has been an amazing story to tell. The impact of the program on its participants found that it created a "Win, Win" situation for its participants and the community. The younger participants were more likely to make wise choices in the community. The adult participants felt like they were a part of keeping jazz alive in the community. There were major improvements with grades of the younger participants and the adults improved their musical development and self esteem. Communication and learning discipline were demonstrated in both age range participants. Further the immediate community benefited from the program because it brought outsiders in to the Homewood community to learn about the program as well as community members taking advantage of the services. The larger society benefited from the program because the results showed that the participants were turning out to be productive citizens. Finally, the Director, the instructors, the head manager of the library and the principal of Westinghouse High School felt:

Music helped keep the participants focused

Provided a positive learning experience

Builds a strong network between the school and the community

The workshop provides a holistic approach by serving a variety of people.