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Instructional Leadership Excellence (ILEAD)


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Joseph Kush

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Robert Furman

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Linda Echard


Instructional leader, Mentoring, Retention, Secondary principal, Teacher hiring, Teacher preparation


This study examines the perceptions of secondary school principals in Pennsylvania with respect to teacher preparation. A review of recent education literature clearly supports the understanding that there is a national concern regarding student achievement and its importance in assuring that the United States can maintain its current position of a leading industrial nation. Extensive research has clearly indicated that principals play a vital role in student achievement as a whole and in their buildings in particular. As the needs for education have changed, this role has become even more crucial in recent years. Given the importance of principals in hiring practices and student achievement, their perceptions regarding the level of preparation of teachers is of some importance.

The purpose of this research study was to determine the perceptions of Pennsylvania's high school and middle school principals regarding the level of preparation of new teachers who are in the beginning of their careers. These perceptions were compared to those groups who were included in the Governor's Commission on Training America's Teachers. In this study, high school and middle level principals in Pennsylvania were given the opportunity to respond to the same survey questions posed in the Governor's Commission. The summaries of each of the hypotheses tested clearly indicate that high school and middle level principals have strong beliefs about the preparation levels of new teachers who have recently graduated from education programs. The knowledge obtained as a result of this study adds to the body of knowledge related to improving student achievement by preparing excellent teachers. This information can be used to impact teacher preparation and inform discussions related to professional development and teacher preparation courses.