On the development of oxygen scavenger additives for future jet fuels

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Beaver, B., Sharief, V., Teng, Y., DeMunshi, R., Guo, J. P., & Katondo, E. (1999). On the Development of Oxygen Scavenger Additives for Future Jet Fuels. Volume 2: Coal, Biomass and Alternative Fuels; Combustion and Fuels; Oil and Gas Applications; Cycle Innovations. https://doi.org/10.1115/99-gt-216



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Conference Paper


Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

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Chemistry and Biochemistry


The need for the development of jet fuels that are oxidatively and thermally stable to 480t (900T) has been previously detailed (Edwards and Liberio, 1996). Such a fuel is commonly referred to as JP-900. It is our belief that a new class of additives can be developed which, when added to JP-8, will provide both the oxidative and thermal stability requirements of JP-900. Our most recent data is presented which explores the potential of 1,2,5-trimethylpyrrole (TMP) as a potential oxygen scavenger.


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