Platelet Function Testing to Guide Cangrelor Dosing in Patients with Temporary Mechanical Circulatory Support or as a Bridge to Procedure



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Journal Article

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Clinical and applied thrombosis/hemostasis : official journal of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis



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P2Y12 reaction unit, antiplatelets, bridging, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, impella


Cangrelor is a rapid-acting, intravenous P2Y12 inhibitor that can be used in patients after percutaneous coronary intervention who require mechanical circulatory support or as a bridge to procedure. We retrospectively reviewed adult patients who received platelet function testing (PFT) with the VerifyNow P2Y12 assay while on cangrelor from March 2021 through November 2022. All patients were initiated on 0.75 mcg/kg/min of cangrelor with P2Y12 reaction unit (PRU) values collected 12-24 h after initiation. Cangrelor doses were adjusted per protocol to maintain PRU values of 85-208. A total of 42 patients were included. Thirty-eight patients (90.5%) required temporary mechanical circulatory support while on cangrelor, and 4 patients (9.5%) received cangrelor as a bridge to procedure. The median cangrelor maintenance dose was 0.5 (interquartile range [IQR]: 0.375-0.75) mcg/kg/min, and the median time in therapeutic range with a PRU value between 85 and 208 was 66.6% (IQR: 39.6%-100%). No patients experienced stent thrombosis. A composite major adverse cardiovascular event occurred in 4 patients (9.5%), and major bleeding occurred in 16 patients (38.1%). Compared to empiric cangrelor dosing of 0.75 mcg/kg/min, PFT-guided cangrelor dose adjustment was associated with a median drug cost savings of $1605.60 (IQR: $0-4281.56). Utilizing PFT with cangrelor may allow for lower, individualized dosing while preventing stent thrombosis.

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38439661 (pubmed); PMC10916455 (pmc); 10.1177/10760296241237228 (doi)