Comparison of Fixed Versus Weight-Based Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Dosing Strategies for Factor Xa Inhibitor Reversal



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Journal Article

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Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis






factor xa inhibitors, fixed-dose, hemorrhage, prothrombin complex concentrate, reversal, weight-based


Background: Our institution introduced fixed-dose prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) to streamline order verification and medication administration. Previous studies using fixed-dose PCC for vitamin K antagonist reversal showed comparable efficacy to weight-based dosing. Objective: To compare fixed versus weight-based PCC dosing for reversal of Factor Xa Inhibitor (FXaI) effects. Methods: Retrospective cohort study conducted at a tertiary care academic medical center. Patients who received PCC to reverse the effects of apixaban or rivaroxaban were eligible. Subjects in the fixed-dose group (5000 units or 2000 units) were compared to weight-based PCC (50 units/kg). The primary outcome was time between order entry and medication administration. Secondary outcomes included: average PCC dose, postadministration procedures, achieved hemostasis, 30-day mortality, hospital length of stay, and adverse drug events. Results: 72 patients received fixed-dose PCC and 101 received weight-based PCC. Median time between order entry and administration was 4.5 min shorter in the fixed-dose group compared to weight-based (34.5 vs 39 min, P =.10). In patients who received fixed-dose, 79.2% achieved hemostasis versus 71.3% in the weight-based group (RR = 1.11, 95% CI = 0.94-1.32). There was no difference in the number of subsequent hemorrhage-related surgeries (29.2% vs 36.7%, RR = 0.80, 95% CI = 0.51-1.24) or mortality rate (26.4% vs 35.6%, RR = 0.73, 95% CI = 0.46-1.17). There were zero adverse drug events reported. Rates of thrombosis were 2.8% and < 1% (P =.57) in the fixed and weight-based groups, respectively. Conclusion and Relevance: The fixed-dosing strategy did not reduce time to PCC administration nor impact hemostasis or mortality. These data support that the fixed-dosing method is a viable option.

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