Physical characterization of gap junction membrane connexons (hemi-channels) isolated from rat liver

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Journal Article

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Journal of Biological Chemistry


Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Enriched subcellular fractions of double membrane gap junctions (plaques) from rat livers were treated under reducing conditions with high salt and non-ionic detergent concentrations at high pH to obtain a preparation of structural 80-90 Å complexes of oligomers (connexons). The isolated oligomers were chromatographically purified, and subsequently characterized immunologically, morphologically by electron microscopy, hydrodynamically by gel filtration and ultracentrifugation, spectroscopically by circular dichroism, and chemically via cross-linking studies. The physical characteristics of these isolated gap junction complexes were compared to those of native membrane-bound gap junctions in rat liver. These analyses indicate that the isolated complex (connexon) principally contains a hexameric arrangement of gap junction protein to form a single membrane hemi-channel.