Surveillance in Next-Generation Personalized Healthcare: Science and Ethics of Data Analytics in Healthcare

Kamal Althobaiti, Centre for Global Health Ethics, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


Advances in science and technology have allowed for incredible improvements in healthcare. Additionally, the digital revolution in healthcare provides new ways of collecting and storing large volumes of patient data, referred to as big healthcare data. As a result, healthcare providers are now able to use data to gain a deeper understanding of how to treat an individual in what is referred to as personalized healthcare. Regardless, there are several ethical challenges associated with big healthcare data that affect how personalized healthcare is delivered. To highlight these issues, this article will review the role of big data in personalized healthcare while also discussing the ethical challenges associated with it. The article will also discuss public health surveillance, its implications, and the challenges associated with collecting participants' information. The article will proceed by highlighting next generation technologies, including robotics and 3D printing. The article will conclude by providing recommendations on how patient privacy can be protected in next-generation personalized healthcare.