Michael D. Moore, Duquesne University
Prashi Jain, Duquesne University
Patrick T. Flaherty, Duquesne University
Peter L.D. Wildfong, Duquesne University


There are two independent mol-ecules in the asymmetric unit of the title compound, C11H13N3O3. The inter-planar angles for the two rings of the benzimidazole ring system is 2.21 (12)° in one mol-ecule and 0.72 (12)° in the other. The nitro group is twisted in the same direction relative to the least-squares plane through its attached benzene ring in both mol-ecules, with inter-planar angles of 15.22 (9) and 18.02 (8)°. In the crystal structure, mol-ecules are stacked along the a axis through π-π inter-actions (centroid-centroid distance 4.1954 Å). C - H⋯O hydrogen bonds are also present. © 2008.