The 2021 Graduate Student Research Symposium


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An Analysis of Extraction Efficiencies of Various Swabs on Sperm Recovery

Lindsey Campany

Catholic Terminal Sedation-A New Framework for Providing Terminal Palliative Sedation as a Requirement in Catholic Healthcare Organizations

Noah Dimas

Exploration of the Cultural Beliefs, Values and Practices of African American Women Regarding Postpartum Depression: A Mini-Focused Ethnography

Stephanie Jacobs

Mapping Meaning at the Crossroads of Crisis: Narratives of Renewal in the Midst of the Opioid Epidemic

Preston Carmack

Misrepresentation of Victimhood During the Victorian Period

Elizabeth Davidson


Mona Baniahmadi, Duquesne University
Amy M. Olson, Duquesne University

Understanding the Meaning of Well-being in Older Adults: A Mini-phenomenology

Francesca Ezeokonkwo
Rick Zoucha
Kathleen Sekula

Unpacking the Academic Interventions for Improving the Academic Skills of Black Girls with Disabilities: A Scoping Review

Olajumoke Oshokoya, Duquesne University

Use of Video Technology to Support Soft Skills Acquisition for Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Autism, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Cliff Guya Oliech M.S.Ed., Duquesne University
Edith Olajumoke Oshokoya MA.Ed., Duquesne University

Friday, January 1st
12:00 AM

2021 GRS Abstracts – All

Office of Research

12:00 AM

GRS 2021 Award Winners

Office of Research

12:00 AM

Monday, March 1st
1:01 AM

Long-Term Object Permanence and Sitting in Infants with Motor Delays

Karl Jancart
Amber Delprince, Duquesne University
Melanie Tommer, Duquesne University
Jessica Spirnak, Duquesne University
Claire Boe, Duquesne University
Regina Harbourne, Duquesne University

1:01 AM