What’s the VALUE of Information Literacy? Comparing Learning Community and Non-Learning Community Student Learning Outcomes

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Rapchak, M. E. , Brungard, A. B. , Bergfelt, T. W. (2016). What’s the VALUE of information literacy? Comparing learning community and non-learning community student learning outcomes. Learning Communities Research and Practice, 4(1), Article 5. Available from http://washingtoncenter.evergreen.edu/lcrpjournal/vol4/iss1/5

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Using the Information Literacy VALUE Rubric provided by the AAC&U, this study compares thirty final capstone assignments in a research course in a learning community with thirty final assignments in from students not in learning communities. Results indicated higher performance of the non-learning community students; however, transfer skills were higher with the learning community students. Reasons for the findings are discussed, along with suggestions for future research. This article contributes to the growing literature about the role of librarians and information literacy in learning communities.


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