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The purpose of the Limpopo River Basin Monograph Study (LRBMS) is to compile essential baseline information on the Limpopo River Basin. This is required for the preparation of alternative development scenarios and an Integrated Water Resources Management Strategy and Plan (IWRM Strategy and Plan) for the sustainable management of the Basin. Six themes were agreed for the structure of the monograph and each is described below: Basin Characteristics Socio-economy River Basin Ecosystem Water Resources Water Governance LIMIS There are two main elements of the monograph that are the core outputs of the study, and they bring together the information from the six themes. The first element is the development of the Limpopo River Basin Information System (LIMIS). This comprises a GIS-based information management system that has been and will continue to be used to capture, analyse and manage all the relevant data for the Limpopo River Basin. The LIMIS is a long-term information management tool that will also be used to monitor the long-term impacts of development and management initiatives on the water resources of the Limpopo River Basin. The second key element is the Water Balance model for the Limpopo River Basin. The Water Balance will indicate where water shortages exist and where interventions are necessary to reconcile water requirements with water availability.The development of the Water Balance for the Limpopo has taken into account all the current water uses (surface and ground water) in the basin under current basin development conditions and management scenarios. It also takes into consideration the water availability, after providing for ecological water requirements and the possible impacts of climate change.


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