Chapel Organ Restoration Project

Chapel Organ Restoration Project

In 2015, a new 24-stop, 1,458-pipe organ was installed in the rear gallery of the Duquesne University Chapel of the Holy Spirit. In keeping with the organ department’s rich history rooted in the legacy of the Saint Clotilde Tradition, organ professor Dr. Ann Labounsky worked with builder Dan Jaeckel to model the aesthetic of the new instrument after the French tradition of famed builders Aristide Cavaillé-Coll and Charles Tournemire. In an effort to conserve the history of the original 1895 chapel organ, some of the instrument’s ranks were saved and sent to the builder for revoicing. The new chapel organ was dedicated on June 20, 2015. More information about the chapel organ at Duquesne University can be found on the website for Mary Pappert School of Music.


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