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This year’s symposium will explore and celebrate the thought of one of the leading and most innovative philosophers of our time, John Sallis, who is the Frederick J. Adelmann, S.J. Professor of Philosophy at Boston College. He previously held Chairs at Pennsylvania State University, Vanderbilt University, Loyola University of Chicago, and Duquesne University, where he co-founded the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center. He is the founding editor of the journal Research in Phenomenology, and General Editor of Studies in Continental Thought for Indiana University Press. He has lectured extensively in Europe, Asia, North and South America and is the author of more than 20 books encompassing the areas of ancient philosophy, German idealism, art, and contemporary philosophy in the phenomenological tradition.

This video (.mp4) is of Session 4: Contemporary Philosophy on Nature and the Elemental.

1:30pm - 5:00pm Session 4: Contemporary Philosophy/On Nature & the Elemental – Africa Room, Student Union

Session Leader: Charles Scott

1. Michael Naas, “Beneath the Earth and in the Heavens: John Sallis in His Elements” - Timestamp: 0:15:00

2. Miguel de Beistegui, “Stretchings of Imagination” - Timestamp: 1:18:42

3. Jason Wirth, "Elemental Ecology: Reading John Sallis in an Age of Earth Crisis" -Timestamp: 2:30:02