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This portfolio is a collection of my work throughout my past 4 years in Duquesne University’s School of Education. As a Middle-Level Education major, the following pieces are focused on student inquiry in the main 4 subjects of my certification area: Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science in addition to Inclusive Education. It is in my opinion that there has been a major shift in how students are taught in comparison to today from even just 10 years ago. In the past, teachers often resorted to teaching the material to the students without allowing them the opportunity to explore and engage with the material. A common example of this is immediately giving the students the algorithm in Mathematics. Therefore, the incorporation of student inquiry in lessons and activities is extremely important in the field of education as this teaching strategy allows for the students to truly engage with the material to learn the content on their own in contrary to the teacher directly teaching it to them. These pieces in my portfolio all include activities where the students can fully engage with the material, explore with the concepts, encourages them to ask questions, and leads them to their own conclusions across the four subject areas.

Publication Date

Fall 2019


Education, Student Inquiry, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, Middle-Level



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