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This portfolio is a compilation of my written and published work during my time as a Duquesne student, whether completed in class or for an internship. My portfolio, filled with articles focusing on a wide range of genres and topics, offers a glimpse into the life of a journalist, as well as the media field in general.

While it is essential for a journalism student to study the laws, ethics, theories and concepts behind journalism, its importance and its history, we must also go out into the world and report. How can one become a successful journalist without actually reporting and writing articles? As a result, these articles and pieces were primarily completed out in the field, rather than in the classroom, given the nature of the journalism and media profession.

Listed in chronological order (newest on top), my portfolio displays the transformation of my writing and skills as a journalist.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


journalism, Multiplatform journalism, reporting, news, features, writing


Journalism Studies | Other Arts and Humanities

Streaming Media

Gabriella DiPietro's Portfolio