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This portfolio is a compilation of work I have completed throughout my journey to get my bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Digital Media Arts at Duquesne University. I love the way my minor complemented my major, in that I could combine my love of consumer behavior and research with my love of visual design and creativity. Now, I can not only complete market research, but I can also present my findings in a visually attractive way. That being said, through my time at Duquesne, I have learned to be more than just a “businesswoman.” I have been able to uncover skills I didn’t know I had, such as critical writing and working with the Adobe Suite, and discover passions of mine I didn’t know existed, such as my passion for market research and meeting the needs of consumers. Each work included in my portfolio shows a project where my newfound skill or passion is exemplified; the works I am most proud of are included. By looking through my portfolio, you will see my sales and market research skills, my creativity, the value I place on business ethics, and my love of writing. I am grateful that Duquesne University gave me the knowledge and ability to turn my passions and skills into real experience.

My portfolio includes the following works:

  1. Sales Pitch Presentation- While working as a Vacation Planner at Walt Disney World, selling park tickets and annual passes, I noted strengths and weaknesses that were present in their sales process. I was able to identify those strengths and weaknesses by using knowledge from my Sales Fundamentals course. I created this hypothetical sales pitch in an effort to correct Walt Disney World’s weaknesses, thereby increasing their Annual Pass Sales.
  2. Hello Bistro Marketing Research Presentation- In my Marketing Research course, I worked with the restaurant Hello Bistro, in Oakland, to find out why their sales were low and how to increase sales. To do that, my group and I developed and administered a survey, analyzed the findings, found trends using SPSS Software, then developed recommendations for a marketing strategy Hello Bistro could use to increase their sales. My group was one of the top two groups that then presented our findings to the Chief Marketing Officer of Hello Bistro.
  3. Disney World Infographic- In my Data for Decision Making course, I had to prove/disprove a claim. The claim for my project was “Disney World is the best family vacation destination.” To prove the claim, I first developed and administered a survey, next I cleaned the data in PowerBI, then I queried and analyzed the data to see if the claim could be proven or not, and finally, I designed an infographic showing the results.
  4. Airplane Crashes- In my Visual Design and Layout course, I was given an audio that discussed airplane crash statistics. I used Adobe After Effects to create a video to accompany that audio.
  5. Ethics Global Corporate Citizenship Paper- In my Business Ethics course, which was a writing intensive course, I was required to complete an ethical analysis of the company Honda; I discussed how Honda treats its stakeholders, reviewed Honda’s ethical work climate, and provided recommendations as to how Honda could be an even better corporate citizen.
  6. Vampires Always Re-‘Vamp’- This is a paper I wrote for my Gothic Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing course. In it, I compared and contrasted the vampires in in the novels Dracula and Twilight, and I used those novels to prove how Jeffrey Cohen’s “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” could be affirmed. Cohen’s “Monster Culture (Seven Theses) was a work we studied in the course. This paper, though it has a far-fetched topic, was a turning point in my writing. It was while writing this paper that I developed my ability to think and write critically, and I noticed my writing level transitioning from high school level to college level.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Creative Writing | Graphic Design | Marketing

Paulina Neuschwander's Portfolio