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My name is Adelina DiTullio, a student at Duquesne University studying Early Childhood Education. I am an incoming senior and expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021. My portfolio is a collection of work I have produced throughout my academic career in the School of Education at Duquesne University. This portfolio is an assembly of my experiences in the field and training in the classrooms, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade in all subjects. Included in this portfolio are the modes and assignments that have guided and shaped me into the learning theorist I am today. Through lesson plans, personal teaching statements, and a variety of teaching resources I have created, my portfolio encompasses the type of teacher I hope to become, as well as, the reasons and rationales pushing me toward the field of education. Additionally, included in this portfolio are assignment pieces, infographics, and a variety of lesson plans, all in which I have created to better understand the pedagogy of Early Childhood Education. Personal touches, such as an introductory letter and video and teaching statements were also included to further brand this portfolio, showcasing my individualized path toward becoming an educator and the educator I aspire to become. The creation of my portfolio was intended to be built and improved upon as my studies continue, adding more content and resources as I learn. Through this portfolio, I hope it becomes apparent the depth of the education program at Duquesne University, particularly the complexity of learning that is required. I have been truly blessed with opportunities and experiences from my studies at Duquesne and will continue to learn and grow as an educator while finishing my degree and furthering my education career.

Publication Date

Summer 2020


Early Childhood Education | Education

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Adelina DiTullio's Portfolio