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This portfolio is a journey through my process in these first two years at Duquesne. I decided to do this now rather than later because I'm finishing my philosophy Honors Thesis and my computer science senior project, which is also a thesis, and in the following semesters I will be focusing on mathematics and computer science.

The writings are varied, reflecting the fact that I am pursuing three majors and two minors. The order will reflect my progression, but will generally correspond to topics. First will be my 'simpler' writings as I began my studies here, and are mostly composed of philosophy undergrad papers. This will be followed by literary and film analysis done for UCOR and psychology courses, as well as some brief papers on theology and one on medieval philosophy, computers and humanity, and other topics.

Our journey ends with me at my best, so that the reader will hopefully get an impression of my growth: My final paper for a course on Derrida. Sadly, I intend to publish a few pieces such as my two theses and a final paper for Computer ethics, so these will not be submitted to the portfolio.

Publication Date

Fall 2020


Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Technology, Teaching, Reflections


Continental Philosophy | Other Philosophy

Alejandro Napolitano Jawerbaum's Portfolio