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This portfolio is a collection of my favorite works (thus far) throughout my time at Duquesne University’s School of Education. Included are papers and reports centered on education theory, reform, and psychology, as well as detailed lesson plans and projects that can be utilized and/or built upon for classroom use. Each lesson plan is focused around Common Core, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and/or National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards of education, combined with enriching activities and technologies that aid in creating successful learners in the mathematics classroom. This portfolio also shows my overall growth in learning about my field, with the documents in this portfolio listed from newest to oldest. My most notable improvement being my paper titled “Advocacy Paper,” which was my final project for my first education class as a freshman. This paper was updated, submitted, and won an award at the 2021 Duquesne University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium, also posted and titled “The Issues of Biased School Dress Codes.” Although I still have two semesters left in the School of Education, I have already seen much improvement in my papers, projects, and my overall teaching philosophy, and I can’t wait to see more growth over this next year and beyond in my career.

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Summer 2021


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Secondary Education

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