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Throughout my years at Duquesne University, I have produced an abundance of work through the School of Education. The School of Education has allowed for me to prepare materials, teach in a classroom, and learn content and pedagogy within my chosen grades of focus, Pre-K to Fourth Grade. In addition, the Honors College has allowed for me to further explore leadership and certain aspects of education. Several of my assignments within the Honors College link to the field of education. At Duquesne University, I have also had the opportunity to become part of the early start program offered by the Higher Education Administration graduate program. Within the program, I am taking graduate level classes in order to start the completion of a master’s degree as an undergrad. I also completed courses in which I learned how technology can benefit the education field and how to use technology successfully in a classroom. Within the curriculum, I was also able to create modifications and adaptations for students with special needs and English Language Learners. I have been provided with several beneficial opportunities and experiences throughout my completed courses thus far at Duquesne University.

Within this portfolio, one may find a select few of the materials in which I produced in courses relating to the field of education. The materials were created within my education classes, honor’s courses, and graduate courses. By producing this work, I was able to make several connections of what I have learned at Duquesne University over the years within my assignments and completed courses. I was able to produce lesson plans based on the information learned and teach these lessons in a classroom. This allowed for me to learn which lessons I needed to grow and expand on. The materials included in this portfolio have prepared me for my future profession as an educator.

Each of the pieces listed below were produced by Tiffany Kells. The portfolio pieces include:

1. Theory and Theorist Paper: Within this paper, I have provided research on Donald Graves. Donald Graves was a literacy theorist who focused on the writing process.

2. Literacy Lesson Plan: This lesson plan was created to help students with fluency when reading. The lesson provides objectives and standards in English language arts.

3. Mathematics Lesson Plan: This particular lesson plan helps students work on their math skills of determining angles types.

4. Science Lesson Plan: This lesson plan was produced to focus on the food chain within a living organisms’ unit for an elementary level science class.

5. Technology Based Lesson Plans: This piece is compiled of three different lesson plans, each containing a piece of beneficial technology in order to carry out the lesson within the classroom.

6. Literature Review on Assistive Technology: This piece was completed within the Honors College. It consists of a literature review of 10 different sources providing information on assistive technology in the classroom.

7. Teaching Philosophy for ELLs: This piece provides my philosophy for teaching ELLs in the classroom. It was created as a result of the information learned in the course of Meeting the Needs of ELLs.

8. Specially Designed Instruction Project: Within this piece, I was given the opportunity to create modifications and adaptations for a student with special needs based on a given IEP.

9. Leadership Philosophy: This paper was written for the Higher Education Administration graduate program. It consists of my philosophy as a leader in Higher Education Administration based on the information learned within a Leadership in Higher Education course.

10. How To Teach Online Blog: This blog was created in an Advanced Honors 1 course. The blog includes information on teaching online and the different resources to use.

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